Experience a radiant skin and get the best toning complexion for your skin, giving you confidence and a rejuvenated youthful skin that you can achieve using the ProMax Mega Kits.

- Body Wash
- Mega Glow ProMax Lotion
- Mega Toner ProMax Lotion
- Mega Toner Face Cream

Over 2500+ FIVE STAR Reviews

About Mega proMax Kit

Formulated with natural herbal extracts and active enzymes like Alpha Arbutin, Licorice, Vitamin A, C &E and other vital minerals, Vitamins and Enzymes.
This powerful combination remineralizes, rejuvenates and transforms old, damaged skin cells to younger, smoother. fresher, fairer and flawless skin in a short period.
The effect of alpha Arbutin and Licorice in the formulation of the ProMax mega kit is superb. The licorice contains glabridin which helps to stop skin discoloration.
The Alpha Arbutin is a fundamental active ingredient for skin lightening.
The ProMax Mega Kit comprises of the

- The Facial Cream
- Skin Friendly Body Wash
- High Quality Body Creams for both Morning and Night use.

The combination gives spotless, luminosity and perfect toned Skin void of Knuckles, Green Veins, White or Dark Patches.
Experience the Mega Toner Promax Fair and Flawless Miracle.


To brighten, lighten and even out your skin tone,

First cleans the Face and Body with
the ProMax Mega Body Wash.

You have to wash the Body and Face or take a shower with Mega ProMax Body Wash.

Follow up the cleansing with the
application of the ProMax Mega Face and
Body Cream on both Face and
Body Respectively.

After A shower/washing the body or face, You can now apply the ProMax Mega Glow if applying during the day or Apply the ProMax Mega Toner is applying at Night.

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Abimbola S.

I have introduced all my friend and families to Perfect Herbal Products. I recommend their Mega ProMax Kit to every Woman who needs a flawless and sparkling skin. You can't ever go wrong with Perfect Herbals products.

Christiana Olwole

This mega ProMax Kit works so well I am so surprised at its efficiency. 
I didn't expect it to work this well. I am already seeing the results as early as the second day. Nice one Perfect herbals, Una do well.

Joana Effiong.

This is magic. I have used so many creams, but this Mega Glow Kit is the best I won't lie. People can't believe that i can ever be this fresh, The only thing is the more people now ask me for money because once they see my how fresh my skin is they instantly think that i own millions. They say i have that celebrity kind of fresh skin. All thanks to Perfect herbals.

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