Zullyx will help to cleanse toxic waste from your body, improve your metabolism and also assist your major organs to function properly.

1. GALL BLADDER: Gall Stones form when bile hardens and can cause serious problems if they get trapped in the bile ducts. but shedding excessive body fat with Zullyx will improve your digestion of fats and lower your risk of painful gall stones.

2. LIVER: Cleansing and detoxifying with Zullyx will reduce the burden on the liver and also help your liver burn fat rather than store it.

3. PANCREAS: Regular cleansing with Zullyx will enhance the productivity of your pancreas and lower the risk of diabetes.

Zullyx while assisting in general body weight reduction can also hlp blood fat level, hence, reducing the burden on the heart lowering cholesterol levels reducing arterial plaque, as well as reducing the risk of heart attack, improved circulation will also minimize the risk of stroke, hermorrhaging and habitual fatique syndrome.

5. HORMONES: Cleansing with Zullyx will assist in total body fat reduction as well as correcting hormonal imbalance. It's very important to note that hormonal imbalance can lead to overweight, high blood pressure, infertility, importence and other serious health problems.

6. KIDNEYS: Zullix due to its exceptional cleansing ability will relive the kidney from the excessive workload hence. enhancing life span and functionality of the kidney. these will ultimately help in reducing the likelihood of kidney stones.

7. EYESIGHT: Zullyx while helping the general body in stimulating fat loss may also help to unclog blood vessels that fed sensitive nerve tissue hence helps to maintain a healthy eysesight as better blood flow will achieved.
8. JOINT AND MUSCLES: Zullyx as a weight loss aid will help reduce the excessive load that the joints and connective tissues bear on daily basis due to overweight or obesity. Hence decreasing the risk of stiffness, pain inflammation, arthritis, gout and breakdown of joints. it will also pevent pains, backache, waist pain hernia.

9. SKIN REJUVENATION: Zullyx is a powerful total body cleanser eradicates excessive toxins, slow down the rate of cell damage and stimulates tissue respiration which will lead to general body and skin rejuvenation. As Zullyx helps to reduce free radical damage, it will help you to stay young, vital and productive for as long as you live through this abundant supply of anti-oxidants and active enzymes. hence, with Zullyx your skin will radiate and your youthfulness will be restored.

Zullyx Herbal cleanser comes in two categories (strength)

i. The regula which contains 30 capsules
ii. the premium which contains 30 capsules.


one or two capsules every night after dinner.
in a nutshell, the premium works twice as fast as the regular strength of Zullyx and its intensity of fat metabolizer is higher than that of the regular strength of Zullyx.


One (1) Capsule every two (2) Days
My over ten (10) years clinical experience in natural medicine has revealed that human system differs in response to treatment. Hence, some people shed weight with little effort while some others may struggle endlessly without result.
thus, the premium strength of Zullyx is formulated to combat any form of resistance. people who generally desire a faster weight loss usually go for the premium strength.