No Stooling - No Exercise - No Starvation

Many women and some men too find it almost impossible to lose weight. they go on dieting, merry go round and even practically sleeping in the gym. when they eventually manage to shed a few kilos or ultimately give up due to discouraging results, the weight creeps back and before you say JayJay Okocha, they have added all the lost weight plus an extra 10 kg!!!

In my nearly two decades of practice in nephropathy specializing in weight management, i have been accosted by many angry and frustrated clients and would-be-clients. they have many concerns and complaints but one question that is most often asked is "Dr. Why am i over weight and why am i not losing weight despite my dieting" or (starving and extreme nerve wrecking daily exercise routine)?

And if you look at it squarely, its only logical that when you diet or (starve and exercise religiously), you are bound to shed as much weight as desired but for some people, it is not just as easy as that. that led to my 7 year research on the causes f obesity and overweight and my discovery will change your life permanently just as it has positively changed mine. Join me as i proudly present the result of my research.

They could possibly be a thousand and one reason why some fat people struggle in futility to shed a few kilos, but i garnered the most common ones i am going to discuss them in details because the only way to seek a permanent and effective solution to a condition should be to understand the problem and tackle it head-on.

Some of the most common reason why some people struggle shed weight without success include: Over eating/ Salt or water retention, poor food choices, inactivity/sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical exercise, excessive calorite density in your food, side effects of some medications etc.

The above conditions can actually be corrected with a little discipline and commitment but the difficulty issues that follows should actually be handled by a professional who is highly experienced in handling complicated issues of obesity.

Join me further as i explain these following complicated issues.
1. how your gendes determine your weight
2. how ghrelin affects your apetite
3. how insuline affects your weight
4. how the (CKK) hormones affects your food intake and satisfaction.
5. how a network of interconnected hormones affects your weight.


According to numerous researches over the years, obesity may partly be caused by the set of genes you were born with. a current genetic research carried out by Dr Hugh Grande suggests that PCOS is partialy the result of "Parsimonious" genes, providing advantages in times famine. but the era of food shortages which could lead to starvation and death is long gone, yet the the genes which was meant to conserve a calories are still very much at work i think this has simply explained why some of us accumulate and hoard calories only to convert and store them as fat, but no matter how difficult it may seem, Zulix and Bollyx are very effective in banishing overweight caused by your genes. in difficult cases, try our VIP weight loss.


Ghrelin was discovered in 1999 and it was identified as a "hunger hormone" its duty is to regulate how much food you can eat and the resultant weight gain. in normal individuals, it was discovered that Ghrelin levels go up before meals and down after meals. the researchers also found out that people with high levels of Ghrelin experience strong feeling of hunger and are often compulsive eaters and are expected to usually over-weight, while those with normal or below the normal level of same hormone eat normally or experience a serious lack of appetite.

Several studies have suggested that some over-weight people who are finding it difficult to loose weight may have impaired ability to regulate the Ghrelin hormone. May be this explains why some over-weight people (especially PCOS sufferers) are perpetually hungry.

Taking a glass of grape juice every morning will help control craving and Zullyx as well as Bollyx works against over-weight and trunkal obesity and also balances your hormone which controls your appetite. fat loss accelerator and tummy fat metabolizer are excellent ghrelin balancers. the best in the world as of today. they work within 1 hour.


Insulin is a hormone which store glucose (blood sugar) into cells. most over-weight women have high insulin levels but its more prevalent in PCOS sufferers. some also have insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is a condition in which insulin does not perform its duty effectively and as a result of that, more and more insulin is released in order to meet the demand. i have read a lot of health journals where they wrote that insulin is the "bad" hormone that makes you fat. some suggested that if you don't eat carbohydrates that your blood sugar will not rise and hence your body would not store calories as fat. and with all the low carbohydrate and non-carbohydrate diet, people were still putting on weight.

The truth is that excessively high level of insulin will switch off fat metabolizing enzymes hence prevent your body from high levels of insulin will switch on your body into the "fat storage mode" Zullyx and Bollyx have also been found to be very potent in battling obesity caused by hyperinsulineamia but stubborn cases of trunkal obesity, tummy fat metabolizer and fat-loss accelerator are predictably unbeatable in efficacy.


(CCK) Cholecystokinin Hormone is secreted in the (GI) gastro intestinal tracts when eating. it slows down digestion and also works as a short term satiety indicator in order to stop food intake. heence the reason why you are advised to always wait for at least 30 mins after eating the recommended quantuty of food in your diet guide before reaching out for more food if you are still hungry. most over-weight people have impaired levels pf CCK hormone. this hormone leads to binge eating in dieters when the secretion is impaired.

PCOS sufferers have been found to have a reduced CCk hormonial level after meals and that explains why they have a deranged appetite regulation, perpertually eating and never satisfied.

So, in order to correct the CCk imbalances, i usually recommend a high fibre diet as it helps to slow the breakdown of CCK hormone and keeps you feeling full for a very long time. Zullyx and Bollyx will also work to clear and expel toxic waste in the intestinal tract which neutralizes CCK hormones when secreted. mega fibre is unbeatable in CCK regulation.


All the hormones i have discussed so far were created to work together for the optimal homeostasis needed for your body to function properly. but once there is an imbalance in one key hormone, it disrupts the system and a chaotic condition that set the pace for ill-health, including obesity and over-weight will set in. so, in order to shed weight and keep if off, targeting some hormones like insulin or CCK, leptin or Ghrelin will not simply do, the magic. but the better result is usually obtained when we target the entire body.

Using a superb composition that will help you to resolve each essential points like side effects of some medications, inactive or disrupted enzymatic signaling system, excessive tress, diseases or disorders of the glandular system or genetic tendencies towards obesity. for breaking enzyme and tummy fat breaker will not only dissolve the fat cells but will also correct basic imbalances to restore qui-hormeostasis. A perfect solution to the above problems led to the discovery of the Nollywood VIP Weightloss secret.