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Naturally, body enhancement in Nigeria especially the eastern part of the country, in Igbo culture, it is called Iru Mgbede". this is actually the practice of enhancing the delicate features of a woman in order to prepare her for marriage. the African woman has a body shape to die for.

The bum is so well shaped and rounded that you can balance an egg on it and the hips are so sensuously curved that every full blooded man even women cant help stealing a look. in the area of breast enlargement, young wives are often taken to healers in the olden days to enlarge the breasts so the babies to come would have enough milk to feed on, also young mothers who lost their husbands or got divorced also visit the healers to get their bodies back to shape in preparation for remarriage.

The flat or sagging breasts are enlarged and firmed up while the big flabby tummies are flattened and toned up. what we crave for today is not different from the needs of our predecessors but the delivery approach has changed. we now have breast enlargement and firming machines, pumps, creams, capsules and even extreme - Surgeries. But in perfect Herbals, we use authentic standardized herbs that are hygienically made into creams and capsules. and we also inculcate the use of some authentic machines to bring home the result within a short period. Even men are not left out as we have a solution to unnaturally small male organ.

We specialize in the use natural herbs and a god result is usually achievable within 3 months or more depending on the individual and age.


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