Your basic Skin Maintenance therapy
our high energy jacuzzi with biogenic steamer will refresh, smothen your skin with the help of our various skin treatment kits beyond the effect of cosmetics.
in fact, when it seems like your cream is no longer working or its taking forever to show any positive effect, simply pick up a skin treatment kit that soothes your needs and your skin is transformed instantly.
a good monthly maintenance treatment will keep your skin fresh and healthy and your complexion flawlessly radiant!!!

1. TRANSFORMATION KIT - This kit contains suspended enzymes and antioxidants that is guaranteed to mildly exfoliate dead cells, allowing your cream to permeate better for a glowing and even complexion you would notice the amazing transformation within 3 days of treatment. 45 mins

2. DEEP SKIN DETOXIFICATION - this treatment kit is recommended for general deep skin detoxification. the herbs and enzymes will dilate your pores, trap toxins and cleanse them out of your skin. regular biogenic deep skin detoxification will prevent all kinds of skin infections and reactions. enjoy a radiant, flawless complexion within days. 45 mins

3. INTENSIVE EXFOLIATION - active recommended for dully, tough, uneven and lifeless skin tones. this activated enzymes will deeply soften and dissolve the tough dead cells that cling unto healthy skin cells. hence, your skin will be softer, smoother and fresher. and your body cream will henceforth permeate faster and work better. a visible difference is seen within 6 hours after treatment.

4. QUIHOMEOSTASIS - This treatment kit is recommended for skin cell energy balancing. when there is an imbalance in skin cell energy, it leads to uneven skin tone, scaly hands and feet, itchy dry skin, low moisture contents dry and dark knuckles and toes etc. therefore, balancing your skin cell energy will give you the skin of your dream! Noticeable result within 7 days of treatment. 15 mins

5. OSMOTIC SKIN CELL NUTRIENT TRANSFER - this a blend of herbals and plant sap containing 18 amino acid and 26 micro and macro minerals recommended to feed your skin directly through your skin pores. this treatment helps to clear wrinkles, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and all skin problems. feel the power of osmosis as your skin dramatically improves within 3 days of treatment. 30 mins.