3 Easy Steps To Skin Glowing/ Lightening

Skin is the largest elementary organ of the body. certain amount of toxins that circulate in the blood are eliminated via the skin. but when the skin is over-taxed by an increased toxin concentration in the body due to kidney weakness, liver congestion, constipation, wrong diet, etc. the skin suffers an internal poisoning and reacts with various pathological manifestations like Eczema, acne blemishes, allergic reactions of all sorts, etc.

In the Perfect Skin Clinic, we know that the health and beauty of the skin depends on the purity of the blood. hence, typical application of cosmetics must be complimented with a good nutrition and deep skin detoxification process for a perfect result.

Hence, the 3 easy steps to skin glowing/ Lightening are:

1. Regular bath and exfoliation to cleanse the skin and remove dead cells. it also stimulates skin renewal at the cellular level.

2. Internal skin detoxification with healing herbs - Biogenic skin steaming. Also weekly cleansing with Zulix Herbal Cleanser will speed up result.

3. Proper skin analysis to determine the best typical cream to use. this will help you make the best choice weather to glow, lighten or even whiten. It's all up to you and we will guide you all the way through.

(a) Fresh Papaya/ Cucumber Enzyme Soap
(b) Baby Smooth Scrub
(c) Skin Glow Caps
(d) Active Cell Rejuvenator/Elixir Ever Young Caps
(e) Zulix Herbal Cleanser
(f) Compressed Garlic for skin infection
(g) 5 basic Sin Treatments
1. Amazing Transformation
2. Deep Skin Detoxification
3. Intensive Exforliation
4. Quihomeostasis
5. Osmic Skin Cell Rejuvenation
(h) Your regular body cream depending on the result you seek.
1. To Glow... Glow Cream/ Super Toner
2. To Lighten... Amazing Toner set
3. To Whiten... Mega Toner set.